Monday, August 22, 2011

TTC: CD 5: Daily Update (Soy, Baby Psychics and More)

Okay so I thought I would do a quick daily update while I have a minute between articles. There isn't a whole lot to update on today except for the fact that I start the Soy Iso's today! I am going to the store a little later and will be able to buy them so this cycle will be from CD5-9. I still haven't decided on the dosage though. I read that the dosage of soy is typically twice the dosage you had Clomid for. So I was on Clomid 50mg would make soy about 100mg. But there are also women who have been slowly increasing the dosage each day, so they would take 100mg on day 5, 150mg on day 6, and so on.

And yes, I am still looking into the various baby psychics! I can't help it, I am completely addicted with the thought that someone might have special powers and might be able to tell me if and when I will get PG. I absolutely cannot help myself. I am only doing the very low cost ones though. Like Ruby was $5, then I got one from Suzanne who had a special for only $2 and PsychicStar on Ebay for $5. The only result I have gotten thus far is from Ruby which if you read my post about it, October this year or next year seems to be the lucky month.

I am trying to keep busy and my mind off of TTC during this point in my cycle by doing more work (yay money) and trying to eat right and exercise. The eating right comes and goes but I really struggle with exercise! Yuck fitness..

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