Friday, August 19, 2011

CD 2: Soy Isoflavones and Psychics!

Okay so my first soy cycle is about to begin! I will hopefully be going out later today or tomorrow to get the pills and starting them tomorrow night. I was given the advice of taking them at night because of the side effects like headaches and hot flashes. Not much else to say other than I really hope they work, that I feel a nice strong O and that I am able to O earlier than the last few cycles!

I got my first psychic reading last night! I was freaking out all day worring that she couldnt find anything about me, but I got an email at about 6 saying October was my lucky month. So she saw either conceive/BFP in October or giving birth next October.

From what I have read, these "baby psychics" have about a 90% success rate so I am going to try several of them and see if any come up with the same results. I ordered another one from Suzanne today since it was only $2.00 (blog special).

Here's the links:

Ruby: TTC Baby Love Predictions

Suzanne: Healing Spirit

Have a *~* Baby Dust *~* type of day!

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