Thursday, August 18, 2011

TTC: CD 1: Soy Isoflavone Cycle #1

Okay so it has officially began, well sort of. I definitely think this is an anov. cycle just because AF is uber weird. I spotted all day yesterday (wordless wednesday which is why no post) and today I started this morning with brown spotting then turned into dark brick red spotting.. but it was substantial enough to need a tampon and the cramps are slowly setting in.

Anyhoo - CD 1 is today which means it is the start of my very first soy isoflavones cycle! I am anxious because I just can't wait to see what happens! I am really hoping for a strong, prominent O to track my cycle and know exactly what is going on. I wanted to order digital OPK's, but since I might O early this cycle I probably won't get around to ordering them in time. So in about a week, I will go to Dollar Tree and get some of those stupid line ones. But next cycle I will be more prepared! I also didnt get Preseed either or my other vitamins, haha. Not prepared at all!

So this cycles cocktail is just Soy Isoflavones from CD 3-7 and green tea daily. I will start the line OPK's on CD 10 and hope I O earlier than CD 20's and get a shorter cycle!

Not much else to report as of yet; I should get my very first conception psychic reading at some point today.. I am both nervous and excited. I just hope she doesnt say she couldnt see a PG at all, I think I would literally cry myself into a frenzy. But we shall see! I will definitely post when I get the results of that one.

*~* Have a Baby-Dust Kind of Day! *~*

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