Sunday, August 14, 2011

Coast Science: The Male Prenatal

Due to DH's MFI issues, I have been in search of a magical supplement that would fix everything. Yes if he has something else wrong causing low counts and volume, a supplement won't do sh*t. But I tend to think more along the lines that a majorty of his issues have to do with his lifestyle like smoking, being overweight, drnking a lot of soda and no water, eating unhealthily, not takaing vitaminss. So my own personal assessment is that a supplement with all of the necessary vitamins in one dose, would fix a lot of the issues in about 3-4 months.

I put him on Fertility Blend immediatley after his SA in 2009. Then for whatever reason, he stopped taking it and he never started a second bottle. Then we took a rather long TTC break and earlier this year I got him Fertilaid but when he was nearly done with his 2nd bottle I began doing research on more advanced supplements on the market.

On the FF forums, I noticed a lot of people discussing and praising the supplement from Coast Science. After some research, it looked to be highly probable that it would do something at least. It is more expensive, about $90 a bottle; but that beats thousands for IVF! So I called an RE in the area that we plan on switching to when our finances are in order, and asked what supplement they recommend. Well guess what, the male fertility supplement from Coast Science is it!

So that was like a double-yes on this supplement. I haven't ordered it yet but plan to very soon. I would prefer if he could get an SA before starting it, then one after but we can't really put out an extra $100 for it. So when I get it he will take it for 3-4 months then have an SA and see how the numbers look.

Honestly his SA was 2 years ago so his numbers could be a lot better or a lot worse, nobody really knows.

The company's name is Coast Science and the supplement is called "Male Fertility Supplement" or MFS but is often referred to as the Male Prenatal.

* Male Fertility Supplement by Coast Science
* MFS Information and Facts


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  2. COAST SCIENCE IS SCAM! If you go to their website, most products currently on back order. If you place an order, they will charge your credit card without shipping. After one week, I decided to cancel and they said 3-5 days money will be refunded. 2 WEEKS I haven't received refund yet, I EMAILED NO REPLY, I left a message NO REPLY!. I hope I'll get my money back!