Tuesday, August 16, 2011

TTC: CD 32 NOT-10DPO: The Non-Cycle Continues

So I am now 99.99% sure I am going through an anovulatory cycle right now and I just want it to be over! Basically all of my signs point to not being 10 DPO. I should have spotting, firm/open CP and creamy CM by now. My CM is DRY as a bone, which for some means AF but for me I get creamy or watery around this time. My CP is medium/soft/closed and I don't have any post-O symptoms like BB tenderness which is insane. Not even the tiniest little pinch or soreness. It's like I am on CD 10 or something.

On the plus side of things, I am doing great on my "diet" and still losing at least 1/2 pound a day. Drinking tons of water even though it is causing dry mouth and chapped lips (WTH?!). So I am hoping my cycles turn around with the combination of losing weight and taking Soy Iso's next cycle.

Honestly if AF came today I would be thrilled. Well if I was PG, I would be thrilled, but if AF is going to come, now would be nice!

Not much else going on to update. I could list "symptoms" but I have a reason/excuse for each one which happens when you have been TTC as long as me. I am just so in-tuned to my body that I know why every little thing does or does not happen.

  • Dry CM - Anov. Cycle
  • Dry Mouth/Throat - Drinking a lot of tap water
  • Lower Back Cramps - Bad posture since I work on the couch with my netbook now
  • Heartburn - I honestly think I make myself get it because I don't always notice it. I think I always have it but when in the 2WW I just want it to be a symptom.
  • Lack of AF signs - Anov. Cycle
So now I am off to find some work motivation for today. 10:30 and nothing done yet = working until 1 AM. Plus I am going out to dinner tonight with a friend so that will cut into my working time as well.

Have a *~* Baby Dust *~* type of day!

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