Thursday, August 25, 2011

My Name is Jenn and I am a Psychic-holic

Umm yeah so I got another reading, lol! To my credit, I am only getting the lowest charging ones with good accuracy, so give me a break! So far I have gotten four of them, and finally I got 2 that are the same!

This one was from Panrosa ( and it was beautiful, insightful and touching. She said she senses that the only thing I have always wanted was a child and that I continue to wonder if and when I will ever have one. She sensed no negativity regarding me conceiving a child, thank goodness.

She said I would conceive in October 2011 (so did Ruby) and would give birth next June to a baby girl who weighs about 7 lbs. That is now 3 psychics out of 4 who said girl, so yay! I will be getting my little Rosemarie hopefully!

Okay so if I conceive in October, it will be my first cycle on Soy Isoflavones which is interesting.. definitely thought it would take longer. And not to be a negative nancy, but the only thing keeping me from thinking of this possibility is the fact that after NINE years of TTC, we conceive the FIRST CYCLE after trying it? That is hard to wrap my head around, but I won't give up hope!

If I don't this time, no worries. I have other predictions for next year :)

Oh I forgot to add that she said she saw another girl in 2015 and a boy in 2017!

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