Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Got my 3rd Psychic Reading.. and Cried

It wasn't bad news, in fact it was awesome news and just so happens to go with Ruby's prediction. I cried because this is the first one where she actually gave some details and the realization that I might actually have a pregnancy and birth and baby in less than 2 years just hit me.

This was one was from PsychicStar on Ebay, and I will post a link at the end of the blog. She told me the conception/BFP/first scan and some little details.

First of all, she said girl and my 2nd prediction said twin girls.. now I don't think I will have twins naturally, but that is 2 out of 3 who think girl!

The month she gave me for Conception/BFP/Scan was March 2012. And actually if you remember Ruby told me I could deliver in October 2012 so if I got PG in January and was due in October and had my first scan in March, that would make them both correct!

Aside from that she said I would give birth on a Monday night and the labor would be 9 hours long. She saw no complications from the pregnancy or birth and that my daughter would have blonde highlights. Okay so at this point I was crying/freaking out. Saying the word daughter, talking about an actual pregnancy, birth and even the color of her hair? Yeah that got me, lol. And it gave me so much hope!

And last but not least, she said she saw another daughter for me in 2014 and that would complete our family.

If you would like a prediction from Psychic Star, click here. It costs a little over $5. And like always, this is not a referral link.

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