Saturday, August 13, 2011

Charts and Cocktails

Back to charting... again. I just started a new account on FF since I deleted my last in a fit of rage, so my new account has just 2 charts on it. Its kind of nice though because now that I have more irregular and longer cycles, the average/max length and LP will be more accurate. I will post a link to the chart at the end :)

I am also charting my cycles and symptoms on Why? Because I feel like it :) No really though, they have some interesting tools on there. For instance, there are way more symptoms to add in your 2WW that FF doesn't have, like sensitive nipps and different type of cramps. Also, every day you can compare your symptoms to that of PG woman during the same DPO. So like today I am 7DPO and entered "backache" so it says something like 13% of pregnant women experienced backaches on 7DPO.

By cocktails, I don't mean the yummy, fruity self-indulgent kind. I mean the official TTC meaning of the word. Our cocktails are the mixture of vitamins, herbs and supplements we use each and every cycle. In the past, we haven't taken much of anything, but I am looking to correct that. So here is a rundown of my TTC cocktails for the next cycle.


* Folic Acid - Daily
* Prenatal - Daily
* CoQ10 - Daily
* Soy Isoflavones - CD 3-7

DH will also be on a supplement for MFI which I will discuss more in the next post. For now I am going to put him on a multi-vitamin but he will have to stop that once I get the supplement.

Aside from the cocktails, we will be BD'ng every other day, using Preseed during BD each time and I will be using digital OPK's from CD 10 until I get my surge!

One more thing I wanted to add is that a fellow buddy who also went through IF and irregular periods was prescribed several months of Femara. She got PG with her first IUI and has a few months worth of the pills left, which she has very kindly offered me! But I want to "save" them for when our chances are the best, so I am going to take the Soy Iso's for 3 months, then after DH has been taking his supplements for 3-4 months, his swimmers will be the best they're going to be and I will begin taking the Femara.

FF Chart -

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