Monday, August 15, 2011

Our (very long) History of TTC

If you look at the left side-bar of my blog you will be a more brief summary of our TTC journey. This is a really long post!

2000 - We got married in June 2000 and never used birth control including the 11 months we dated before getting married. At this time I had no clue about charts or correct BD timing, so we had a lot of sex pretty much every day for the first year or so.

2002 - We lived apart briefly in the beginning of our marriage after we had been married about a year. Long story but where we were living was really awful and so I moved in with the lady whose daughter I was watching during the day, and DH moved in with his friend.. just for about 3 months until we had enough for a security deposit and first months' rent on our apartment.

  • During this 3-month separation we only saw each other for brief periods of time. On the 3rd month in August, it was our 2-year dating anniversary and we wanted to celebrate it even though we were now married. We stayed at a hotel for a night, it was the only time we BD that entire month and happened to be perfect timing.
  • I found out I was PG when I was about 6 weeks along, not knowing when AF was due or that it was late due to out living situation. But unfortunately I had a M/C when I was almost 12 weeks along.
2002-2004 - We started TTC a few motnhs after the M/C but I stlil hadn't learned about charting or BD timing and I had no clue if we actually were getting BD in while I was fertile. In late 2004 I researched charting and charted just my CM and CP for 2 cycles. The SECOND cycle we got PG. I was floored at how quickly it happened.
  • Yet again I M/C,but this time it was at about 8-9 weeks. I dont remember much about it as I blocked most of it out.
2004-2009 - The next 5 years were hectic, stressful and extremely rocky for our relationship and our TTC journey. I thought I would get PG right away but I didnt. I never had us get tested because we couldnt really afford it. We took A LOT of breaks, which is why I dont consider it 5 straight years of TTC. I think it was more like 3 months on, 3 months off and so on.

2009 - Finally in 2009 I went to my OB about infertility testing. He was completely clueless and by this time I knew I was ovulating and it was probably DH due to his lifestyle choices. Well the OB decided I must have Endo due to severe cramping and sent me for a LAP of which they found nothing and my tubes were clear.
  • After finding nothing in the LAP, the OB put me on Clomid. Its like they just hand it out to anyone TTC. I FORCED him to do an SA.
  • Shockingly enough, found out DH has severe MFI! He only gave 0.2 ML and the only numbers I was given was 16 mill/ml (which would be 3.5 mill. total) and 65% motility. He never got re-tested.
End of 2009 - At the end of 2009 I finally made the decision to seek help from a local RE. It went okay but we didnt get very far other than my CD3 bloodwork. DH lost his job about a week after my appointment so we neever went back for an SA or anything else. I didnt like the nurses there though, so our next RE will be someone different.

2010-2011 - For the past year all we have done is TTC off and on and trying to research alternate ways to improve DH's numbers. I have been having very irregular/long or annov. cycles for over a year now.

2011 - The new RE recommended supplements from Coast Science so we will both be going on that, as I mentioned in a previous post.

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