Monday, August 15, 2011

TTC: CD 31, 9 DPO: PG Dreams!

Hi everyone! Okay so I will be starting my daily TTC blog posts that will be rather boring for many of you :)

I am CD 31 today and 9 DPO.. I think. This cycle I haven't really had any post-O symptoms so there is about a 50% chance I am having an anovulatory cycle which sucks because our BD timing was awesome. BUT on the flip side, I am doing really good on my diet and hope that it helps my cycles regulate. Last month I did well on my diet and O'd on CD 18 which hadn't happened in over a year! So it is definitely improving.

I went through bouts of happiness/depression yesterday but I also have a lot of stress in my personal and professional life right now, so that is pretty typical for me.

As far as PG symptoms go, nada, zip, nothing. I don't have AF symptoms either, so I guess that's good. I have had the dull achy cramps for about 3 or 4 days, but I get that pretty often in the 2WW. Yesterday I had a bit of sore throat and dry mouth and a tiny bit of EW so I have a feeling it was my second estrogen surge which can happen.

Okay so now for the fun stuff! I actually had a semi-pregnancy dream last night! I LOVE those so much. I wish I could make them happen every night!! I actually didn't see or feel myself being pregnant, but I was in my bedroom (which I didn't recognize, wasn't my room here) with my stepsister and opening baby shower gifts. I remember for some reason several people got me sets of bath stuff for baby and then opened one that I said was "expensive" and ended up being from my Dad and included $250 in cash which is how I knew (my Dad doesn't give out cards, just cash in envelopes, lol). Then I woke up. So nothing major, but definitely awesome.

So that's about it.. boring post I know. At this point I am just thinking I didn't really O this cycle and trying to get to the next one because I will be taking Soy Isoflavones for a few months and I am curious to see what happens with that.

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